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Sony Pocket-Size E-Reader Close, No Cigar

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Sony is feeding on scraps at the e-reader table, and their compact PRS-350 is not going to change anything about that. What they were going for was a travel-sized idiot-proof e-reader to win over people who don’t already own one. What they ended up with was a device that gets...

Colorware iPad Grip

ColorWare’s Grip For the iPad Is Awesome (video)


ColorWare is doing a good thing for iPad users. If given the choice to enshrine my iPad in a strong, light, and barely noticeable aircraft-grade aluminum wireframe briefcase handle, I would do it in a heartbeat. And that’s the thing, now I can do it, and ColorWare’s site for their...

Booq Folio iPad Case

Booq iPad Trapper Keeper Case

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Oh the 90s and how I don’t miss them.  But if you do and own an iPad here is a throw back: the Boa Folio iPad case.  In short order it’s like a trapper keeper, hence my 90s remark. The front has an iPhone pocket, while the case itself provides...


Sony And TomTom Not Joking Around With Navigations Systems


Sony teaming up with navigations systems industry leader TomTom sure sounds like some heavy artillery being pushed around. They promise the “ultimate package of technology, innovation and style”, a match-up of TomTom’s mobile navigation chops and Sony’s undeniable audio-video mastery. The new systems, XNV-770BT (7-inch widescreen display) and XNV-660BT (6.1-inch...

Animated Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger (video)

Animated Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger (video)


[GR]d2tpSCVVujc[/GR] Words don’t even begin to describe how nauseating this iPhone charger is.  Oh, you thought it was just an inanimate object?  Wrongzo my friend.  Hit the play button and you’re experience will be a ten fold more visceral. On second thought, it’s a great piece of art that states...


XM Snap! From Sirius Makes Car Radio Easy


If you’ve got a Sirius XM subscription, or could coax yourself into getting one, this little snap on radio is right for your car. Unlike more classic units, the XM Snap! is a simple device and one that is very easy to install – just plug it into your car’s...

borderlands kobo

New Kobo From Borders Stalking The Kindle Wi-Fi


Borders is going head to head with Amazon in the e-reader segment without making any excuses. The new version of its Kobo e-reader is priced exactly as much as Amazon’s Wi-fi-only Kindle – $140, and just like the entry-level Kindle, it has been blessed with Wi-Fi. The original Kobo could...


iControlPad iPhone Gaming Mod Looks Awesome


I wonder why nobody’s come up with this gadget until now, and why a design like this – a console-like control environment addition to the iPhone – hasn’t been found on people’s wish lists more often. No matter now, the iControlPad is near completion, and it will bring a Nintendo’s...

belkin conserve gateway

Belkin Conserve Gateway Router Supervises Home Energy use


The Conserve Gateway from Belkin is a router capable of displaying real-time data on your home’s use of energy. It does so by interfacing with smart meters, and offers its advice and information through a Web interface. It can function as a stand-alone router or work with an existing broadband...

Tunebug Shake Portable Speaker - 3

Tunebug Shake Portable Speaker Review


Wearing headphones is without a doubt a calculated risk.  There is the potential for hearing loss, but more importantly not hearing or being aware of your surroundings, such as an out of control dump truck.  Add into the mix a bicycle and we’re talking about a serious road hazard to...