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Wicked Audio Gain Headphones - 2

Wicked Audio “Gain” Headphones Review

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[rating:3/5] Pros: Cheap Lightweight Cons: Tepid, stale sound Mildly uncomfortable Cheap When it comes to choosing a pair of head or earphones the most important factor is generally price.  Next to that is sound and style.  I still see fools using those crappy Apple Earbuds and I guess some people...

Onstar iPhone App

OnStar iPhone And Android Apps Now Available


GM’s Onstar iPhone and Android apps are now available for download completely free of charge.  If you so happen to own a compatible OnStar enabled vehicle (2011 model) you’ll be able to remotely unlock the doors, start the vehicle, activate the horn and lights to find the vehicle and contact...

Acer Liquid Metal Smartphone

Acer Liquid Metal Smartphone Now Official


Acer has finally pulled the trigger and officially announced their Liquid Metal smartphone.  It’s an Android device and from where we stand the battery cover, which is crafted from stainless steal, brings creedence to the device’s name. Under the hood is a Qualcomm 7230 800MHz, WiFi N, HSDPA connectivity and...

Philips Solar Powered Remote

Philips Solar Remote Control (video)


This is Philip’s solar powered remote control and you can’t have one.  Unless of course you live in Europe and have plans to purchase their Econova LED TV, which apparently consumes 40w of power in “eco” mode. We don’t know if the battery can run purely off solar juice, but...


BlackBerry Torch Red And White Versions Starting November 7


AT&T just announced that new red and white version of the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone will be available exclusively through their stores starting November. That’s just in time for holiday shopping season, so if you feel your wallet being targeted as your desire for these phones grows, that’s an accurate...


AlestRukov Wooden Mouse Is Gorgeous


The AlestRukov Wooden Mouse will add a touch of class to your desk, but greener minds than mine are expressing concerns about its supposed eco-friendliness. Despite all its wooden components being made from only one piece of wood, the sparseness of electronic components and its 5-year warranty, they are expressing...

Axostic Mouse

Axsotic 3D Mouse Will Change 3D Workflows


The Axsotic 3D Spherical Mouse could be considered more than a 3D mouse, if you consider movement to be an additional dimension to 3D rotation space – but this is more of an issue for physics than 3D artists. Watch the video and witness someone rotating perspective in all directions...


Supersonic Stick Sonar For Blind People


In a bid for giving blind people more freedom of movement and some dolphin-like superpowers, the “Supersonic Stick on the Wrist for Blind People” – as it was dubbed by someone with a love for being exhaustive – is hands down one of the coolest and most useful gadgets anyone...


Alphabetized Room Divider


After one look at the Alphabetized storage system I thought, wow, looks great, but not a lot of room for actually storing things. Turns out it’s more than just a place to put your books and CD’s. The Alphabetized, by Finnish designer Lincoln Kayiwa, and actually named AAKKOSET, is a...


AutoBot Smartphone Car Remote


James Bond’s device from Tomorrow Never Dies, where he has complete control over his car through a miniature joystick? Not yet. $300 gadget with a bunch of useful features? The Autobot, available now. It connect to your cars OBD-II connected and gives you a bunch of data about tire pressure,...


Seriously Underpowered Luxury Laptop

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After having made a $6,700 MacBook, dubbed the most expensive MacBook ever, Munk Bogballe takes his obsession with expensive luxury laptops and transforms it into an entire line-up. Named the Classic Bespoke collection, it was introduced at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow, so if you weren’t invited – either skip...