Why would GadgetReview write up a hair trimmer? There’s no display and no buttons — how could it be any fun? Well, this particular shaver has one particular trait in common with the items on which one would normally bestow the moniker of “Gadget”: a Lithium-Ion battery. But, does this elevate it to gadget status?

My first impressions of the device were pretty good. The handle is covered in a soft rubber, and it doesn’t feel cheap in your hand. Attachments are easily swapped, and cleaning it when you’re done only takes a few seconds. I was surprised at the vast number of attachments it was bundled with. So many in fact that it’s not possible to fit them all in the included tray. Strange. It took me a while to determine that Wahl is likely intending that you’ll choose one of the trimmer attachment widths and put the unused accessories away somewhere.


In the box:

  • nose/ear trimmer attachment
  • electric razor head
  • Two trimmer blades of different widths
  • Three attachments of varying lengths for each of the two trimmer blades
  • A small comb
  • A tiny brush for cleaning the trimmer blades
  • A utilitarian plastic tray to stand everything up in
  • Charging cord

My intention was to compare this to my existing electric razor, but as the review progressed I realized that they address different trimming needs. For example, I find that Wahl’s 1″ wide electric razor attachment is too small to allow for quick convenient shaving; something the standalone handles with ease. However, my razor has only one ‘edging’ capability, and it sort of sucks. It’s not conducive to managing curved lines, and there’s no way it’ll fit into your nose or ear. So, the Wahl is much more convenient if you’re into beard artwork or have hit the point in your life where you need to trim those other unfortunate locations. Lastly, if your face has been neglected for a few days the Wahl provides a way to reduce the scruffiness to a point where my razor can deal with it better. I dont think the Wahl is a good replacement for a good electric razor, but it definitely adds functionality that most other razors lack.

And about the battery, the reason I even considered writing this review? I have to say, the battery in this thing lasts forever. I’ve only charged once since I started using it a month ago, and it’s not showing signs of slowing down at all. But does it make it a gadget? Probably not. It will, however, work hard to help you keep your facial hair in line. As they say, a clean shaven gadget geek gets the gamer girl. And if they aren’t saying it now, they will soon.

You can buy it at Amazon for $17


  • Long lasting Lithium Ion Battery
  • Plethora of attachments for any shaving situation
  • Does things your current razor cant


  • Storage tray looks cheap
  • Too many attachments to fit in the tray
  • Not a total replacement for a decent electric razor