Thinkgeek iPhone Keyboard

UPDATED. ThinkGeek started purely as a retailer, but now they’ve expanded to product development and boy am I excited for the latest one, the iPhone Case with Flip-out Keyboard.

They’ve got a version for the 3Gs and the iPhone 4 and it will cost just $50 when it comes in stock.

It attaches to the iPhone just like any case and sports a swivel out full QWERTY keyboard that stays closed or open thanks to a magnetic lock.   If you’re thinking or hoping that the connection is made by way of the 30-pin dock, you’re wrong.  Bluetooth, sweet, sweet Bluetooth.  Which means you don’t have to have the case attached for it to work.  We just wonder if it will work with the iPad as well?  Built-in to the case is a rechargeable battery that charges via USB, though there is no word on battery life.

ThinkGeek says that it will ship 11/23 and that quantities will be limited.

I’m not into physical keyboard, but I’m excited.

Update: Checkout our Thinkgeek’s TK-421 iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard Review.


Christen Costa

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