Lieca M9 Titanium

UPDATE There’s a place somewhere in the world called Cologne, and frankly, it sounds very fancy, which seems like reason enough for Leica to showcase their new M9 Titanium special edition camera there.

This is when you have to be really honest with yourself – if you’ve ever wanted a camera that has LED-illuminated frame lines, then the M9 Titanium is for you, and you’d better find $28,700. Locate the cash quickly too, because this is a limited edition run of 500 pieces, and if you miss out on it, you’ll have to settle for the regular $8,000 M9 Leica, which lacks the leather trim and fingerprint resistant overlay, and wasn’t designed in cahoots with Volkswagen.

The camera comes with a 35mm Summilux F/1.4 lens designed especially for it, also made out of titanium, and a customized holster, which may or may not contain titanium.

Update: Leica reached out.  The Titanium M9 will go on sale this November for $26,500.