james bond bike

After appreciating the intelligent usability of the Copenhagen Wheel yesterday, a completely different duo of two wheeled beasts makes the news today. One is the ‘James Bond’ bike, a flamethrower and ejector seat number that will have you looking for bad guys to defeat along your daily commute. The other is a walk in the park in comparison, or rather, a stroll on the lake – it’s a floating bike that looks like a mix between a catamaran and an exercise bike.

If the James Bond worthy firepower wasn’t enough, the bad-boy bike comes with a caterpillar track attached to the back wheel. The aim? Smoother riding over bad roads, but we suspect it’s part of an early prototype for a tank bike. It was build by ilovemybike.co.uk after conducting a poll where 52 percent of cyclists named a flamethrower as a cure for ‘cars and lorries passing too close’. Rounding out its abilities is a sky blade that can replace the front wheel.

There are no plans to sell the ‘device’. However, the nautical bike, create by inventor Victor David, will cost £1200 and split the waters at a top speed of three miles per hour. He designed the bike for those who aren’t in good enough health to kayak but would like to get away from the pollution that engulfs British roads, and says it is very stable and great exercise