The sure facts of life are not many. There’s death, taxes, and the fact that your shoes will eventually start to smell. However, with the new trend towards UV sterilizers for, oh, every single thing known to man, from toothbrushes and laptops to iPhones, the SteriShoe is the first gadget to attempt shouldering the heavy olfactory load of the inside of your shoes.

The SteriShoe promises to kill 99.9 of the gross-out germs currently calling your sneakers home, and it was designed for such heavy sweat generating people as athletes, people with athlete’s foot, fungus, diabetes, and normal people who simply obsess about the insides of their shoes.

Supposedly, a 45 minute treatment is all it takes. SteriShoe uses UCV light which has been keeping hospitals and communal water supplies clean for many years now, but can harm you if you for some reason decide to stare at it for an extended time period. Therefore, the device only turns on when safely lodged inside the confines of a shoe, with a light sensor working to detect whether the environment is dark enough and fits the bill.

SteriShoes cost $129.95 and come in four sizes.