Spray On Clothing

Form meets function and medical technology meets fashion with Manel Torres’s spray-on futuristic fabrics making their debut at the Science in Style fashion show at Imperial College London, during Fashion Week.

Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer, worked together with Paul Luckham, professor of Particle Technology, in creating a sprayable material for clothes without seams – literally seamless – called Fabrican Spray-on.

The final goal is however not fashion-related, but rather a new breed of sanitary spray-on bandages which could cover wounds and burnt skin without the need for a qualified nurse.

“As an artist I spend my time dreaming up one-off creations, but as a scientist I have to focus on making things reproducible. I want to show how science and technology can help designers come up with new materials,” said Torres.

Polymers in the spray bind short fibres together once the solvent that holds the fabric in liquid form evaporates immediately after delivery on a surface. Linen, wool and acrylic fibers are the base of the fabric, and any garment you adorn yourself with, you can later take of and wash together with the more normal items in your wardrobe.

But unlike those, it’s cold when it first hits your skin.