If book readers have gone physical and tablets have become a product of their own, why not the ubiquitous widget? Sony Ericsson saw it coming and decided to be at the forefront with Sony Live View, which is a wireless, multimedia enabled black square with a 128 x 128 pixel OLED screen, two buttons and 4 way touch sensor navigation.

That about describes it physically, but its given uses are limitless, as it is like a physical programmable desktop widget for your Android phone. It’s meant to sit on your wrist or some other easily accessible place and keep you in touch with selected parts of the information stream coming into your phone.

The given uses that are demonstrated by Ericsson are notification of Facebook status updates, messages, RSS feeds and other common instances. Where this widget shines is in the possibilities of pairing it up with the growing sea of Android apps, some of which might evolve once the possibilities of physical widgets open up.

LiveView will be stold as a stand alone device and it will appear once Sony Ericsson’s X10 products receive their update to Android 2.2.