SensoGlove Photo

Go high-tech with you golf swing, and never look back. At least that’s the plan of German company Sensosolutions, builders of the Sensogloves – world’s first smart golf club. The fancy mittens come with built-in digital sensors to get a continuous view of the player’s grip and help him build a consistent, smooth and long driving golf swing.

It’s a pretty simple theoretical model, you program the sweat-proof gloves to keep a certain top pressure in mind, and they let you know whenever you’ve squeezed above your allotted limit.

“Every golfer wants to hit the ball far and the natural instinct is to swing harder and faster. But trying to swing with more power causes a death grip, creating tension in the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. The result is a less than smooth swing and, even worse, tightened muscles. Tight muscles result in slower – not faster – club head speed.”

That was golf training 101 in the words of David Bauer, president of Sensosolutions. With that in mind, the glove comes with 18 setting to choose from. The highest ones are most sensitive and are meant for chipping and putting, while the lower settings are there for training your all-purpose grip.

The Sensogloves cost $89, with replacement gloves coming in at $25.