You don’t have to be an Apple aficionado to find yourself surrounded by a slew of gadgets. It’s one of the facts of life in developed countries, various more or less useful devices seem to just.. find you.

So for those of you trying to find that special port for your phone, laptop, tablet, ebook reader and iPod speaker dock, Schulte Elektrotechnik, of EVOline Port Lounge table fame, is back and stacking ports on the vertical axis this time.

The EVOline Vertical occupies little floor space and is easy to move around. Think of it as a small tree, if you will, one that roots and grounds all your devices in one place. It could also be compared to a tall speaker, or an avant-garde coffee table, with durable construction – aluminum housing and cast iron base.

All socket types, data, power and multimedia connections are available on the EVOline Vertical, and the device itself is sold in customizable configurations.