ROAMPay Smartphone Credit Card Reader

It looks like the smartphone credit card reader race is heating up.  ROAM Data has knocked up Quickpay Merchants and given birth to the ROAMPay credit card reader.  Much like Square‘s offering this little guy plugs into the headphone jack of the smartphone and get this, can be used with an iPhone, Android device or even a Blackberry.

As you’ve probably guessed their is an app for each respective platform and based on the below video it looks so simple even a monkey could do it.  Unlike Mophie‘s offering, which encrypts the credit card info before reaching the phone, the ROAMPay system encrypts it before leaving the phone.  Cause for concern?  Probably not.

In terms of other features and info, the ROAMPay apps can be used to capture cash transactions, in addition to performing real time authorizations and accepting all major credit cards including Amex.  And if you’re wondering about those pesky fees, good news:  ROAMPay is offering a free adapter and a 1.09% processing fee, though it’s not clear how long that rate will last and if it applies to all cards.


Christen Costa

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