Visit the Microsoft Connect site and use the appropriate Windows Live ID that is tied to your Xbox Live Gamertag if you want to sign up for the Xbox 360 System Update.

Before they let you in though, there’s a survey to complete. Soon after, if accepted, you’ll get to take the new Xbox LIVE dashboard for a spin, watch ESPN on your Xbox, listen to Zune music, get access to Netflix search and the newest updates to Zune video.

The big attraction here is ESPN – a television giant on a gaming console – and this speaks volumes about their willingness to enter new media, not the viewer/user base for the two is that different.

Don’t sweat your chances of making the team, Connect is looking for several thousand participants, which sounds to me like the approximate populace of one of those really small countries you hear about all the time in the news.

In this particular case, not a politically correct country – Xbox LIVE Gold members get priority and a case of champagne (but don’t quote us on this last bit).