With the exception of neon, which can really class up a joint, I’ve never really looked at light bulbs as a ‘designer’ item. And thanks to PLUMEN UK, my opinion really hasn’t changed. I mean I applaud their attempts to make the compact fluorescent bulb look cool, and from certain angles their PLUMEN 001 bulb most certainly does, but looking around my crib I can’t actually see any of the CFLs I have installed. They’re all hidden by shades or other decorative diffusers. So the best way to truly enjoy it or show it off would be to just hang it from a bare extension cord, and I’m just not trendy enough to pull that off.
The 11 watt bulb produces 680 lumens of 2700k warm-white light, but it won’t work in North American, Japan or a hefty list of other countries. But if you live in Europe you’re in luck, kind of, since they’ll set you back £20.00 or just over $30 a bulb.
Plumen UK definitely has a first on their hands. They’ve created the first designer compact fluorescent bulb. As you can see, they don’t look like any lightbulb I’ve seen before, and I’ll definitely place them on my ‘cool’ list. These 11 watt bulbs are capable of 680 lumens brightness with 2700k warm-white light. But there’s a couple issues. One, for there to be a point in owning one of these, you’ll have to keep it exposed — no lampshades or anything like that. Second, they won’t work in North America (along with a bunch of other countries). If you want to import for the sake of art, it’ll set you back only about $30.

Chris Gullo