Playstation Move HQ-1

Starting Friday the Playstation Move will officially go on sale.  To kick things off Sony will be opening a number of Playstation HQs across the US that includes New York, Denver (maybe) and Los Angeles (technically Santa Monica) this Thursday.

Tonight I was walking down the 3rd st Promenade, a local shopping street here in Santa Monica, and was fortunate enough to cross paths with the promotional store as it was ‘being erected’. 

Playstation Move HQ-2

Consumers will be able to walk in at no charge and play the Sony Move.  As you can see from the pics there a number of kiosks and a set of giant Move controllers placed in the windows to attract attention.   We’re not sure what games will be available to play.  The stores will remain intact for 45 days and then from what we can gather disappear.

Playstation Move HQ-4

Sorry the pic quality is a little shite; shot at night with an iPhone 3Gs.

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