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Oregon Scientific is the creator of this rather touchy heart rate monitoring watch. Get it? Touchy, because it has a touchscreen.

Allright, not funny. But you can indeed tap the screen to change between the several modes the SH201 possesses. Aside from three exercise profilIes (jogging, running and cycling) it also lets you know when you’re dehydrated, although there’s no direct way for the device to figure that out, so it’s probably computing it using your activity level and time spent. Then it prompts you to take a few sips of water at certain intervals.

While calories burned are kept track of, your fitness level are somehow calculated and kept up to date, on top of which the Elite Heart Rate Monitor is also capable of displaying your current hear trate, as well as a history of your average and maximum heartrates.

As far as ‘mathematical’ functions, it has a stopwatch, timer, lap counter, calendar and you can even set an alarm to stop you from running if you’re one of those extra athletic people.