No More No Less Faucet

Is it a kitchen or is it a lab. Looking at these pictures you’re more likely to guess lab, what with the icy sheen of metal and the cold blue numbers of the LCD.

But it’s a kitchen faucet, designed by Japser Hou to look good (if a bit unfriendly) and be environmentally sound by reducing water usage.

There’s a knob you turn to establish the amount of water you want poured, and this techno-faucet, also known as “No More No Less”, measures the time it takes to reach the desired quantity according to the volume of the flow.

The LCD screen also shows how much water you’ve consumed (presumably throughout the life of the gadget) and the current temperature. And get this, it’s not connected to the electricity grid, but rather does its own thing as a sort of mini hydroelectric dam, using the energy of the water flowing through it to power itself.

This last bit might annoy some people – if you leave the water on for more than 30 seconds, it shuts down automatically.

One thing I don’t get is why the photos show a measuring cup collecting the already measured water coming from the “No More No Less’. If this is indeed a kitchen and not a lab, why the double measuring ‘fun’? Very strange.