Nintendo’s Handheld 3DS Gets Two Processors

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13 Comments to Nintendo’s Handheld 3DS Gets Two Processors

  1. rojardenzo

    I am got my first Nintendo 3DS and I am really happy with it. The game experience of Nintendo 3DS is awesome to play and the best. There is really great display and playing classic games on it.


  2. james braselton

    hi there sory no thanksgiving in us unlesss you are a ufo with time travel you are right 3d will out sell 2d soo sony and microsoft better release a 3d portable console or get lefted out

  3. the 3ds will sell like hotcakes in the tundra during a hailstorm!
    But seriously, I hate how Nintendo makes it and sony and microsoft steal it and then apply their respective technologies. Sony adds to it with their display tech and microsoft adds their “revolutionary” hardware/software. If they really want to compete with nintendo so badly that they'll steal it's ideas, then they should just partner up with nintendo… can you guys visualise that? An amazing hyper 3D HD paper thin device with expert programming with an awesome user interface and massive developer support and huge public demand?Not to mention downloadable content(an area which all three companies are scrambling to catch up with apple).So instead of wasting energy to copy ideas and make products roughly equal, they should just pool resources and stick all three labels of approval to attract all three of their target markets and some extra.


    I hope the 3DS leaves them so technilogically behind it'll take them years to catch up!

  5. With this Epic line up of games, for some reason, one thing is distracting me from all this ……….

    has anyone else yet thought of the potential, of a completely new zelda game, unique for 3ds?
    no ports or remakes, a new one…… think about it, they've gone with cell shaded on the handhelds for a while now, and the idea of a true windwaker sequel IN 3D, makes my mouth water !!!!

  6. This baby will fly off shelves. I can't wait for it myself. I need Ocarina of Time with me at all times. Metal Gear looks very “solid”…pun intended. Resident Evil and Paper Mario too. If we can put our virtual console games on this I would flip. But hopefully they make a Game Boy , GBC, GBA virtual console at the very least. Nintendo dominates again. :)

  7. Noseynosemeister

    I can't wait for this to come out. I'm hoping it'll be priced about 200.00 and come out before Thanksgiving here in the US. This time next year, I would bet that Nintendo has sold 5 million 3DS units and leaves Sony scrambling to release a PSP2-3D….you know it's gonna happen!

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