Logitech G930 Wireless Headset


Let’s shop for some headphones together. Our headphones are going to be for a PC gamer who prefers the best quality audio they can afford. The requirements for such a headphone are pretty general, right? Modern games use voice chat pretty heavily, so it needs a microphone. No problem, there are tons of headphones out there with microphones!

Next, we decide it should be wireless. There’s nothing worse than dealing with the tangle of a headphone cord in the middle of a heated battle, and there are still plenty of headphones that fit the bill.

We’re brought now to the point I’ve been hung up on forever: audio quality. Sure, there are some OK sounding headphones out there, but what if you want something serious? Full sized, over the ear headphones, like the audiophile Grados and Sennheisers of the world? It’s easy enough to find wired versions of these, like the Astro A40 for example, but the PC world has for some reason missed this key niche. That is, up until now.

When I read that Logitech was releasing a pair of headphones with all my requirements, I made my move. Fortunately for me (and you!) my plans were successful, and for the last few weeks I’ve been having some fun with the G930 Wireless gaming headphones. These headphones are exactly what I’ve been lusting after all these years. Big, full sized, over the ear, enclosed headphones with big drivers in them. The sound quality is on par with what I’d expect for headphones in the $100+ price range, and they’re mother-flippin’ wireless too! My gadget(review) dream come true!

Taking them out of the box, I first noticed the included dual function puck shaped USB charger & transmitter dock. The cord secures tightly in the dock, and it’s a convenient way to keep the transmitter accessible if you want to bring the headphones with you elsewhere for any reason.

The headphones themselves are big enough that you should be prepared for Princess Leia jokes. I found the earcups and padded headband to be quite comfortable in my extended testing, which is good, because the battery life is pretty awesome, lasting for ~10hrs depending on the volume output. When battery life is getting low, the software will pop up and estimate the remaining life for you. The charging cord, unspooled, will allow for charging while in use under most circumstances.

The earcups are a little warm, though, so be prepared for some sweaty summertime ears unless you have good air conditioning.


On the headphones themselves, there are several buttons serving different functions. There’s a volume wheel, which digitally controls the global PC output level (control panel volume, not just the headphones), a power on/off toggle, microphone mute, 7.1 simulated surround switch, and 3 G keys which you can map to several different programs. I found the media player to be the best option; it works flawlessly with iTunes for pause, play, and track skipping duty. This is especially nice when in game and I want to skip a track, or stop my music to hear some battle instructions.

To set up these buttons, the included Logitech software is required. The software also allows you to choose from the ‘voice morphing’ options, which attempt to mask your voice with a variety of silly stylized character voices. I found this feature to be sort of gimmicky and not all that functional.

Lastly, the microphone was terrific. My game mates had no issue hearing me, and Skype sound quality was excellent as well. When muted, a red LED on the end of the mic shows it’s status. You can also fold the mic into the ‘up’ position to mute.

Advanced EQ

How was the sound quality though? Are they as good as some dedicated audio-only headphones? I thought they were really good. Definitely not a first choice for a pair of dedicated music headphones, but for gaming purposes they provided deep bass, crisp highs, and a good quiet background. It was easy to hear details in my music and in my games that I normally must strain to pick out. A ten band ‘advanced EQ’ is built in if you require a little more control over the soundwaves. The surround sound feature did add a sense of spatiousness that I found pleasing in game environments, but distracting for music listening. It had an echoey “I’m in a bar” sort of quality that I couldnt ignore. Fortunately this is easy enough to toggle on and off without going into the software.

Voice Morph options


  • Awesome battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Terrific sound quality


  • Could get warm in the summertime
  • Surround & Voice morphing gimmicky

The G930′s are available as one of three new G Series gaming tools Logitech has recently released into the wild. In the very near future I’ll also be reviewing the G510 LCD keyboard and the G700 Wireless mouse, so stay tuned.

Want a pair for your own gaming pleasure? You can buy them here for $140 USD.