jaguar C-x75

To celebrate its 75th anniversary British automaker Jaguar proves it can keep up with the times, and goes electric. Taking the 1966 XJ13, a Jaguar model the car company’s chief designer believes to be the most beautiful they’ve made so far, and adding a 780 hp engine got them a concept supercar that hits 250 mph and takes you 500 miles on one charge.

The model’s name is C-x75 and it was first shown at the Paris Auto Show, and it’s not a car that’s going to be manufactured any time soon. Each wheel has its own 195 hp engine, and the lithium ion battery pack powers the two seat Jaguar to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

When you hear electric car, most times it doesn’t mean fully electric. The range of the C-x75 in electric only mode is just 62 miles, after that two gas turbines come online and generate 94 horsepower each, significantly dropping the vehicle’s power output. But the turbines can also work to refill the batteries, so smart planning on short trips would never see you running out of juice for the quad engines.

Not that you’d ever get to actually drive this, it’s just a concept, and the technology that makes it come together would also make it ridiculously expensive even by supercar standards.