iPhone Diabetes Glucose Meter

Millions of people suffer from diabetes and struggle every day to manage it.  But soon pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis will announce a new product that will help those folks who are afflicted with the disease. UPDATED

It’s the iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter, which plugs into the iPhone’s 30-pin dock and keeps track of glucose readings. The patient still needs to use a glucose test strip along with pricking their finger to draw blood, but once that has been completed the strip is placed into the right side of the iPhone device where upon the meter and the handset displays glucose readings. The information can then be stored and if need be transmitted to a doctor for review.

As of now Sanofi Aventis hasn’t officially announced the device, but since this information has emerged on the net it’s probably safe to assume an official statement will come soon, provided of course they’ve got the approval of the FDA.

Update: IBG emailed us and said that the product has been officially announced.  Read link update.  Thanks, Allison.


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