Watches that have too many functions are annoying. But if you throw in the ability to use a Bluetooth headset to listen to your watches’ FM radio, find out your GPS coordinates and send out an SOS signal to local emergency services, it becomes easier to forgive the rather bulky gadget hanging from your wrist. In this case, the GS2000, and the bulk is welcome, since it’s a touchscreen watch.

Its GPS function works by sending a message to the GPS tracking device, which will in turn send you a text message with your longitude and latitude, which you can then use in Google maps to plot your location. Not exactly the fastest method, but could work in a pinch. The device is waterproof and fully unlocked, working with all four main GSM frequencies worldwide.

On a more creepy note, you can set up one of these watches to alert a few mobile phones when it has left a certain area. The feature is called Geo-fencing, as in fencing someone in.