Franlin Electronic Publishers is known for educational gadgets and dictionaries, but they’re looking to mix it up and make some fun things happen. The Roadie portable speaker is just that, a fun system for portable music sources that looks like something straight out of a computer game.

It’s modular (as so many things seem to be these days), and after you buy the base model which allows you to connect to mobile phones, microphones, iPods and other iPads, there are two more modules you can stack on top of it.

Roadie uses flat surfaces to vibrate the sound off of, letting the system behave like a much larger speaker would. That’s presumably part of the first module’s job. The second module adds a rechargeable battery with, an SD card slot and its own MP3 player, freeing you from outlets and external gadgets. The third module is an equalizer with AC power for bigger overall sound.

The EVS-2000 base will cost $49.99, the EVS-3000 speaker will sell for $79.99, and putting all three together brings the price down to $99.99.