Dog Powered Lamp

Ever feel like picking up your dog’s poop in a little bag had no purpose besides making you look bad? Ever wish your dog could be like those life-saving, criminal stopping dogs that contribute so much to society?

Well now you can lower the city’s electricity bill and keep the world green while feeling like the owner of a hard working blue collar dog, and all you have to do is dump your pooch’s poop into something called the Park Spark.

You pick it up with the same biodegradable bags you always use, turn a crank and eventually the poop becomes methane gas. Farmers would immediately recognize the Park Spank for what it is – a methane tank, something quite common on farms. But in Cambridge, Massachusetts The Park Spark tanks are wired to power the lights in the park.

That’s the basis of Green design, use locally what is produced locally. Poop, in this case.

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