Can watching too much Star Trek make you sick? Find out almost instantly with this gadget from the future…of Britain.

The handheld device, reminiscent of the Dr Spock’s ‘tricorder’ but baptized CliniHub, was developed by British scientists and can identify major diseases from breast cancer to MRSA in just minutes.

It uses a small input of blood, saliva or urine placed in one of its five ports. Depending on the antibodies and biological agents present, the sample then reacts to chemicals inside the device that change color to indicate the presence of an ailment, much in the way a pregnancy test does.

Unlike a pregnancy test, a LED light analyzes the chemical results which are then displayed on a small screen. Also unlike a pregnancy test, CliniHub is laptop-sized and can save lives. It will costs under $100, making it an option all over the world, with plans for a home-use CliniHub which could detect flu and other bacterial or viral infections. The current version will eventually be able to diagnose around 20 diseases and become a common tool in surgery.

CliniHub was developed by Cambridge Consultants working alongside Californian company XenBio Fluidics.