AnyBook Reader

If your kid isn’t old enough to read by himself but has discovered the magic of books, Franklin just came up with a children’s reader that will keep your young one’s passion for stories alive.

The Anybook DRP-4000 looks like a rather large pen and doesn’t need a computer or an Internet connection. What it needs is a parent to record themselves reading the pages out loud, and mark the pages with special removable stickers. When a child wants to read the book, he taps the stickers with the Anybook Reader and the device will play the corresponding page.

In fact, the DRP-4000 only has three buttons, and it comes with a variety of stickers that will probably entice your kid to go out and tag various books, only to later come back and find out what they contain.

From a parent’s perspective, the Anybook lets them use the books they already own, gets children used to reading as a real-world activity with real books, and lets their kid hear those books in a familiar voice.

Two versions are available, the DRP-3000 which costs $39.99 and has 15 hours of storage, and the DRP-4000 which stores 60 hours for $59.99.

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