If you want to browse the web, send emails or work on your iPad, iPhone or iPod while wirelessly streaming music to your iDock, the Airphonic Plus Kit will let you do that.

And if you want to slide across the floor in your socks and underwear, Tom Cruise in Risky Business style, you can do that too, because the Airphonic dongles work at up to 10 meters.

There‚Äôs two dongles, one gets plugged into the transmitting device, and one in the iDock. But you can use it with other brands of speakers, like the new Bose, Pioneer and Yamaha systems. And if you buy extra receiver dongles, you can pair up to four devices to your iPod at the same time – we don’t know exactly what kind of crazy setup that would be, but it’s up to you.

The Airphonic Plus Kit uses Kleer wireless audio technology, which does a better job with audio and is gentler on battery life. So you can stream in full CD Bandwidth Hi-fi quality, with remote control over volume and track, all for $135.