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Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor Tells You When To Drink Water


Oregon Scientific is the creator of this rather touchy heart rate monitoring watch. Get it? Touchy, because it has a touchscreen. Allright, not funny. But you can indeed tap the screen to change between the several modes the SH201 possesses. Aside from three exercise profilIes (jogging, running and cycling) it...


Photo Album Storyteller


Now there’s a new way for relatives to explore your family history when they come over for dinner. Maybe sometimes you just can’t be bothered to tour the house with them and tell everyone that special holiday story. Maybe you have too many relatives, and hearing yourself talk can get...


Nintendo’s Handheld 3DS Gets Two Processors


Even without knowing if the Nintendo 3DS will be released in 2010, there’s still plenty of reasons to be excited about it. For one thing, it’s estimated that it will carry the kind of graphics power of current generation Xbox360’s, which given its smaller screen, guarantees great performance, especially for...

Holiday Inn Mobile Key Program

Holiday Inn Testing Smartphones As Door Keys


UPDATE How’d you like to skip the front desk checkin when you arrive at your next hotel?  I know I would. Holiday Inn hotels is currently testing a program called MobileKey that replaces the standard room key with a smartphone.  You simply book your reservation online and you’ll receive a...

Booq iPad Bag

Booq iPad Only Bag, The Cobra Courier XS

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Booq Bags is back on the scene with the Cobra Courier XS.  It’s designed specifically for the iPad with a perfectly sized padded pocket.  Course you can stuff other crap in there, such as a charger, perhaps a slim and portable Bluetooth keyboard amongst other things. It will set you...