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Pinch: A Darn Cool Salt & Pepper Shaker


How many salt and pepper shakes have you gone through in your lifetime?  More often than not I get frustrated with mine, the salt sticks to the inside (rice or no rice) and I end up purchasing something else only to have it break or be uncool sometime later. So...

2-year Coil Gun

Impressive Coil Gun Build (video)


This is a real world Coil Gun.  It uses electricity and I believe magnets to fire bullet like projectiles (made of magnetic material) at uncanny speeds. Supposedly it can achieve a comparable velocity to that of a .45 handgun, but as Make points out this isn’t to be believed since...

Stuv 30-2

Stuv 30 Wood Burning Stove Is 3 Stoves In 1 (video)


There are wood burning stoves and there is the Stuv 30. Unlike traditional fireplaces this trendy looking hearth can be enjoyed with the doors open for a classic fire place, with the glass doors closed for a more efficient warming but with the added visuals, or with the doors closed...

iPhone Diabetes Glucose Meter

iPhone Diabetes Glucose Meter Coming Soon (update)


Millions of people suffer from diabetes and struggle every day to manage it.  But soon pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis will announce a new product that will help those folks who are afflicted with the disease. UPDATED It’s the iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter, which plugs into the iPhone’s 30-pin dock and...

Bike Shelf 2

The World’s Coolest Bike Shelf

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Is this not the most genius indoor bike mount you’ve ever seen?  I mean, this guy belongs in a Bud Light commercial (i.e. Real Men of Genius).  The only flaw I see is that the slot is designed for a frame of a specific size.  Perhaps its designer, Chris Brigham...

7-foot gumball machine

7-foot Gumball Machine


You know what’s missing from my home?  A 7-foot tall gum ball machine.  Why have plants and artwork when you can enjoy the sounds of a 1960s gumball machine, right?  The dome measures a whopping 42-inches in diameter and holds up to 14,450 gumballs.  Hammacher offers it at $3,900, which...

Olympus Unnamed Olympus Camera

Olympus Shows Of Unnamed Camera, Boasts Zuiko Lens


Olympus is hyping a small black camera that’s set to debut early next year as being its new flagship model. The only thing they’re giving away about it that sets it apart is in any way, shape, or form, is the built in Zuiko lens, which is a “world’s first”....

BMW Seat Cradles

BMW Shows Off iPad Seat Cradles


Looks like BMW is leading the way into real in-car entertainment and information access with their newly announced iPad seat cradles. It used to be that if you wanted on board movies you’d have to pay a ridiculous premium for mostly outdated and user unfriendly glorified DVD players that are...

Smallest Stop Motion Video Filmed With Nokia N8 (video)

Smallest Stop Motion Video Filmed With Nokia N8 (video)


[GR]CD7eagLl5c4[/GR] What do you get when you mix a Nokia N8 smartphone, a CellScope microscope, and a really really small figurine made by stretching the very limits of a 3D printer and then hand-painted by artists? You get the world’s smallest stop-motion animation, starring the 0.35 inch tall Dot cruising...

Spray On Clothing

Spray On Clothing (video)


Form meets function and medical technology meets fashion with Manel Torres’s spray-on futuristic fabrics making their debut at the Science in Style fashion show at Imperial College London, during Fashion Week. Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer, worked together with Paul Luckham, professor of Particle Technology, in creating a sprayable...