Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

Casio H20G GPS Camera

Casio’s EX-HG20G Camera Geo Tags Pics Inside And Out


Among the slew of news from Photokina is a world first Hybrid GPS camera from Casio. What does that mean exactly? We’ll tell you – geotagging photos and videos indoors. That’s something more traditional GPS enabled cameras cannot do. The Exilim EX-H20G also comes with a world atlas and comprehensive...

Trip Suitcase

TRIP: The Ultimate Carry-on Suitcase


When someone says suitcase most people think Samsonite.  But alas, they don’t, I repeat don’t have the most kick ass carry-on suitcase that you’ve ever bared witness to. TravelTeq’s TRIP is the complete package.  It’s fit in most plane’s overhead compartment and doubles as chair while you wait to board. ...

Peek 9

Peek Deploys New Handset, Peek 9


Peek certainly set the mobile phone market a stir when they released their first handset.  It was a ‘text’ only device. In other words you could receive and send emails but you couldn’t make a phone call.  It was affordable and perhaps practical for those who didn’t have a smartphone...

Eagle3 Move Accessories

Eagle3 Announces Sony Move Accessories


Sony’s Move has been out for only a weekend and yet there are new accessories popping up for the gaming device. Eagle3’s PS3 Move Champion Pack includes a Sword and Shield controller, Bow controller and Table Tennis Controller.   Each accessory appears to be merely a gimmick that helps you immerse...