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Smart Finger

Smart Finger Puts The Lasers At The Finger Tips

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For hundreds of years humans have used the feet, hands and fingers to measure distance.  Hence the term “rule of thumb”.  Now the old school has gone new school, albeit in a concept form only. The Smart Finger device fits on the end of any to fingers and by placing...


iStethoscope iPhone App


Don’t lose your temper if you see your Doctor reaching for his iPhone – no, he’s not about to ignore you. Hospitals are the latest niche to be breached by Apple’s little wonder phone, as an iPhone app by the name of iStethoscope is finding a genuine place in the...

Boba Fett Sneakers 2

Boba Fett Star Wars Sneakers


When the words “Boba Fett” and “adidas” are in the same sentence you know you’re in for something tasty.  These are the very limited edition adidas Boba Fett ZX 800 Sneakers. They come sealed in the always genuine Star Wars toy packaging, so were not sure how you determine the...


Looxcie Bluetooth Video Headset


For cars and airplanes there are black boxes.  But what about us humans?  When you get robbed, punched in the face or groped you probably want some proof, not to mention a detailed photo of the perp. The Looxcie looks like your average new fangled Bluetooth headset, but it’s actually...


CliniHub Identifies Breast Cancer In Just Minutes


Can watching too much Star Trek make you sick? Find out almost instantly with this gadget from the future…of Britain. The handheld device, reminiscent of the Dr Spock’s ‘tricorder’ but baptized CliniHub, was developed by British scientists and can identify major diseases from breast cancer to MRSA in just minutes....

Angel Car Mobile EV Charger

Angel Car: Mobile EV Charger


It’s a sunny day, you’re out for a drive in your electric vehicle minding your own business when suddenly you run out of juice.  Call a tow truck and you’ll have to use a gas sipping vehicle to get back home or to the next charge station. Kind of defeats...

Vintage Mobile Cinema

Vintage Mobile Cinema


The Vintage Mobile Cinema means you can screen a movie anytime any where, that is provided of course that you live in the UK.  But geographic location issues aside this is one bad ass piece of kit. The truck was built by the British government in the 1960s to promote...

Lightcap 300

Lightcap 300: Lantern + Water Bottle


The LightCap 300 is an ingenious product that combines a water bottle with a lantern.  That’s right.  The top of the water bottle, the cap, is embedded with a 4 super-bright LED lights as well as a red LED light which serves as a night light. No batteries are necessary...

Sony CMT-7LD

Sony CMT-7LD 9-inch Touchscreen MP3 Player Dock


If it weren’t for the Japanese market we’re not sure Sony would continue to build MP3 players and compatible docks.   But hey, that’s not the case, so today Sony Japan announced the CMT-L7D. Yup, it’s a dock for your Sony MP3 player and can pump out tunes through its...


Logitech Trackball M570


A small, cluttered desk is no place for a standard mouse.  To quell this problem Logitech has brought back the trackball mouse with some advanced features. The Trackball M570 sports a scroll wheel, easy to reach forward/back buttons and an 18 month battery life. Wireless connectivity comes by way of...