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Ballistic HC - 4

Ballistic HC iPhone 4 Case Review


Talk about a beast!  This case has got to be the most heavy duty accessory I’ve ever seen for any cell phone ever.  Featuring 3 separate pieces, this case has you covered when you might need it most. Suitable for such scenarios such as Iraq or the construction site, the...

Xtememac Tango TRX

Xtrememac Tango TRX iPhone Speaker Dock (update)


UPDATED.  When it comes to iPhone docks you want something that complements not conflicts with Apple’s design. The Tango TRX is a 2.1-channel iPhone/iPod touch speaker dock that is to drool for. Hidden beneath the cool exterior are two tweeters, two midrange drivers and a downward firing sub for crystal...

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet (update)


Update: Checkout our Dell Inspiron Duo review. This is Dell’s newest Inspiron computer, the Duo Tablet.  Inside are dual-core Atom N550 processors running Windows 7 Premium. But what really takes your breath away is the 10-inch flip touchscreen, which converts the full on laptop, complete with keyboard, to a tablet...

Ivy Bike Lock

Ivy Bike Lock


I’d hardly call bike locks ‘prison’, but they are a bit unsightly, for good reason, though.  ‘Ivy’, by Sono Mocci from Italy is on the ‘seoul cycle design’ competition short list.  It really needs no explanation, but just in case you were wondering, yes, it’s a bike lock disguised as...


Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer Review


Why would GadgetReview write up a hair trimmer? There’s no display and no buttons — how could it be any fun? Well, this particular shaver has one particular trait in common with the items on which one would normally bestow the moniker of “Gadget”: a Lithium-Ion battery. But, does this...

Boil Buoy

Boil Buoy


You know what they say: a watched pot never boils.  Enter the Boil Buoy.  You place it in your pot of water, walk away and wait for it to ring. The design is actually quite ingenious.  Instead of relying on wizard like mechanics, a small bell inside the water tight...

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 Symbian^3 Announced


Looking for a new business phone that isn’t a Blackberry?  Good news, because Nokia has introduced the E7, a Symbian^3 phone.  Sure, it’s all touchscreen, but hidden beneath is a full QWERTY keyboard.  Don’t worry, it ain’t fat as it only measures 13.8mm thin.  They’ve also tossed in an 8...

Xbox 360 Kinect Update

Kinect Xbox Dashboard Leaked (video)

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Can’t wait to get your hands on Xbox Live’s new Dashboard? No worries, because there are already a few leaked videos on the net detailing the experience.  It’s not quite as a drastic change as last year, but it includes some minor updates (more square menus) along with Kinect menus....

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