Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

Badass Rubber Band Gun

$500 Rubber Band Gun (video)


$499 is a completely ridiculous amount of money to spend on a rubber band gun, but if you’ve got the extra cash and willing to splurge on a useless piece of kit, then have at it. This toy, if you can call it that, holds up to 100 rubber bands...

Motorola Defy Rugged Handset

Motorola DEFY Rugged Android Handset


Well isn’t this witty: Motorola just announced a rugged touchscreen Android device for T-Mobile called the DEFY.  Get it, as in Defy all conditions. It sports a scratch resistant 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen, Flashlite enabled web browser, Moto BLUR, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and auto focus, and Motorola’s...


DTV Shredder (video)


The DTV Shredder from BPG Werks is a 125lb all terrain surfboard.  Under the hood is a 200CC 4-stroke Honda engine that can propel the skateboard like device up to 30 mph.  In their promotional video they show it towing a full sized cab pickup and riding over a wide...

Halo Reach Jet Pack Stunt (video)

Halo Reach Jet Pack Stunt (video)


Halo fans are bananas, no doubt about that.  To really kick things into super bananas overdrive Microsoft hired an American pilot to dress up in a Halo Master Chief suit and fly around London’s Trafalgar square.  Too bad it looks like only a handful (and perhaps then some) of people...


Pocket Sized Business Card Scanner


These days most smartphones can download a wide variety of apps.  But if for some reason yours is of the more antiquated type and can’t handle an OCR application, then you might consider the King Jim Pitrec Business Card Recorder. This handly little device can scan a business card and...

Laser Mosquito Killer

Star Wars Mosquito Killer


This thing AIN’T no retina scanning device.  In fact, it does something completely the opposite.  It’s a laser. The device, the Photonic Fence, comes from the folks at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory.  It tracks and kills mosquitos using a laser (enter Dr. Evil voice). But it doesn’t just kill any mosquito,...

iPad Camera

New iPad With Built-in Camera Coming This Holiday?


A rumor hit just before the weekend, by way of Appleinsider, stating that Apple would update their iPads with a built-in camera just before the holidays, at least according to a source close with the matter. On one hand this sounds like complete cocky pock since Apple is known for...


Acer Dual-Screen Laptop Concept


Acer may be planning a major break from traditional notebook design with a dual-screen model reportedly leaked late Saturday. The prototype spotted by TechReviewSource would have two 15-inch displays, both of which would be touchscreens; one or the other could replace the physical traditional keyboard and trackpad with touch input...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Rumor: Nintendo 3DS To Launch November 11th In Japan?


Well, it looks like Twitter is now becoming a go-to place for gadget news leaks. Someone going by the name “nocchisan” who is allegedly in the Nintendo 3DS accessories industry said that the 3D device will be released on November 11th in Japan, the same day as his company’s eleven...


Kensington’s PowerBack iPad Case Gives You Extra Juice


I always like finding new iPad Cases to write about, just to see what each company does to distinguish itself from the other competitors. Kensington’s PowerBack takes the extra battery approach, something I can’t complain about. The case adds an extra five hours of battery life to Apple’s magic tablet,...


ContourGPS HD Headcam Tracks Your GPS Data (video)


Contour’s new 1080p HD ContourGPS Headcam is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in awhile. Not just because it’s capable of capturing 1080p video on a headcam, but now you can capture GPS data that charts exactly where you are when you’re taking the video. The idea is that...