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Harry Winston Opus 3

Harry Winston Opus 3 Watch Is Mind Bending

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7 years later and the Opus 3 watch if finally heading into production.  You and me both buddy, in terms of believing that this thing would take that long to design and build.  In actual fact it took this much time to figure out how to engineer that watch as...

iPhone Bumper

Apple’s Free iPhone 4 Case Program Ends September 30th


Ah, the iPhone 4 case scandal. Funny how people keep buying iPhone 4s without complaint after all that rabble-rousing. If you recall, when Apple announced the program this summer they said it would last until September 30th, when they’d evaluate whether or not to continue the program. Now their answer...

android lego

15 Inch Tall Android LEGO


It wouldn’t be a normal week at GadgetReview without a LEGO post, and this one ties into the tech world perfectly. Behold the Android LEGO. Grayson Wendell decided to figure out how to create LEGO domes using a program he coded himself, then spent a week building this fifteen inch...


Classic Atari Wall Decals


Last week we showed you the Star Wars Mural, and now we’ve got an equally geeky alternative for household decoration. The Atari Wall Decal sets gives you tons of classic Atari game graphics from the games Pong, Centipede and Asteroids. They’re made out of vinyl stickers, so they’re easily removable...


Cube Clock Shows Time From Clapping


As a fan of minimalist design, this Cube Clock makes me giddy like a schoolgirl. Made by Uma Design, it appears to be a block of wood, but when a noise is made (clapping your hands, for instance) the time flashes on. There’s also an alarm mode too. Simple, yet...

apple cutting board

Apple MacBook Cutting Board


Apple fans are a committed bunch, and they like having people know how much they love the house that Steve Jobs built. It just got easier to do so in the kitchen with this MacBook cutting board. Yup, you can now dice onions, tomatoes, and Windows fans with this cutting...

iPod Shuffle Spy Camera

iPod Shuffle Spy Camera

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Believe it or not this is a spy cam.  Yup, it looks just like the recently released iPod Shuffle, so it should have no problems fitting it.  To the right of the controls is a pinhole that contains a small camera that can capture 640×480 video.  Unlike the actual Apple...


Woogie Is An iPod Touch Stuffed Animal


For christ’s sake.  What has this world has come to?  Assuaging your kids these days apparently involves a flashing screen. The Woogie is a huggable toy with an iPod Touch slot built into its belly.  There’s also a speaker that requires 2 AAA batteries, which Griffin, the maker, has seen...

Blind Shutter Vacuum

Blind Shutter Vacuum


So most of you this product will appear to be complete gimmick and useless.  But live in a home, any home any where, with blinds, especially horizontal ones, and you’ll see how just how much dust your blinds collects.   As to whether or not the Blind Shutter Vacuum attachment...


Plumen Releases First Designer Lightbulbs


With the exception of neon, which can really class up a joint, I’ve never really looked at light bulbs as a ‘designer’ item. And thanks to PLUMEN UK, my opinion really hasn’t changed. I mean I applaud their attempts to make the compact fluorescent bulb look cool, and from certain...