Daily Archives: September 6, 2010


Amazon Leaks Apple iLife 2011 Info


Ah, Amazon. Always good for announcing products before they’re supposed to. This time it’s Apple’s iLife 2011, which had a Family Pack pop up with a $99 suggested retail price. Sure, Apple coming out with a new version of their media suite isn’t a big surprise, but it’ll be interesting...

samsung n350

Samsung N350 Has Built-In 4G


Specs wise, Samsung’s new N350  laptop isn’t much different than the netbooks we’ve seen over the past couple years, except for one big difference: 4G. The N350 supports both dual-mode LTE and HSPA+ , and they’re both built-in for internet on-the-go. Those other standard, less exciting specs include a dual-core...


LEGO Statue Of Liberty


LEGO is at it again with a massive Statue Of Liberty set, and this one has a design that will prove to be extremely challenging, and a price to match. As you could guess, the kit is composed entirely of the same color bricks, so the entire 80-step process needs...


Klipsch Announces Three New Image Series Headphones


Klipsch has made a name for itself with their Image series of earphones, which offer stellar sound quality at affordable prices (I’m a fan of the Image S4s myself). They’ve now announced three new headphones, the Image One, S5i (pictured), and S3. The One is an over the ear can...

gunship watch

Nixon’s Gunship Watch Is Supposed To Show Wear And Tear


Gadgets get scratched, dinged, and the paint starts to fade. It’s inevitable. But Nixon’s Gunship Watch is actually designed for the daily wear and tear. Nixon’s has given it a special matte paint finish that is actually intended to wear away over time, giving the watch character and making you...

restore clean water system

Restore Clean Water System


Keep your drinking water free of bacteria, viruses, and other nasties with the Restore Clean Water System ($70). This Brita-killer combines traditional filtration that reduces heavy metals, chlorine, and pollutants, with Ultraviolet Clean Technology that 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and microbial cysts, leaving you with nothing but pure, clean, and...

black hole coffee table

Black Hole Coffee Table


I have enough trouble with the TV remote disappearing inside the sofa, so imagine what might happen with this spacey black hole coffee table. Created by designer Jon Gilmore, the Nova Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table features rings of white LED lights that disappear into the core ready to swallow...

white ps3 slim

White PS3 Controller Pops Up On Amazon, Console To Follow?


We told you a couple months ago that a white PS3 Slim was coming to Japan, and griped about the lack of a US release. Well, that might actually change, as an Amazon listing for a ‘Classic White’ DualShock 3 has emerged on Amazon with an October 15th release date....

nuu mini key

Nuu Mini Key Turns Your iPhone Into A QWERTY Slider


The Nuu Mini Key looks like a good way to get a tactile keyboard for the iPhone. Kinda throws off Apple’s design, though — now it looks like a million others out there. A prototype was tested out by Engadget, and they found that it connects via Bluetooth to the phone and...