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Dexter Coasters

Dexter Blood Coasters

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I love me some Dexter.  But how does one show their true allegiance to the gory and gruesome show?  You go out and harvest someone’s blood for your very own blood collection.  Or you could purchase this set of Dexter inspired coasters.  They even come in their very own wooden...

Darth Vader Robotic Arm

Darth Vader Robotic Arm


There is not rationalizing the obsession Star Wars geeks have with the movie series.  The same can apply when it comes to the collector crap. The Darth Vader Robotic Arm comes disassembled in 45 different parts.  All you need to do is snap the pieces together and you’ll be one...

star wars wall mural

Achieve Master Geek Status With The Stars Wars Wall Mural


For the ultimate in geek home decoration, look no further than the Star Wars Classic Full Size Wall Mural. Measuring 9 feet tall by 15 feet wide , it’s got the original Star Wars artwork and works via a tech called Surestrip. Simply take strips of the image, like a billboard,...

air play speaker

iHome Announces Portable Speaker With Apple’s Airplay Tech


At Wednesday’s press event, Apple unveiled lots of music-related goodness, including their new AirPlay technology. AirPlay is an attempt to make wireless iTunes music streaming painless by integrating the technology into third-party speakers and sound systems. Already, iHome has teased an upcoming portable speaker that will use the technology. A...

inception bluray

Inception Gets Deluxe Blu-ray Edition, Complete With Briefcase


Inception was one of the best movies of the summer, a total-head trip with amazing special effects. Now it’s getting the deluxe home theater treatment, with a Blu-ray set encased in a replica of the briefcase featured in the movie. You’ll get the Blu-ray and a DVD rife with bonus...


Guitar Sidekick Lets You See Your iPhone While You Shred


There’s been a lot of iPhone apps for musicians since the launch of the App Store, but getting the iPhone set up to be legible while you’re strumming your Strat can be a hassle. The Guitar Sidekick is a simple device that aims to fix that. It attaches to the...


Mobee’s Magic Charger Charges Your Magic Mouse Wirelessly


Apple’s Magic Mouse is a nice piece of hardware, except for the AA batteries it eats through constantly, which seems pretty antiquated for Apple’s standards. That’s where the Mobee Magic Charger comes in and beats Apple at its own game. It’s a inductive charging mini-USB base station that works via...