Daily Archives: September 2, 2010


Ubisoft Bringing 3D Games Straight To Panasonic TVs


Well, forget the PlayStation 3 as the big name in 3D gaming. In a somewhat unexpected announcement, Panasonic has teamed up with Ubisoft to bring their games to 3D capable HDTVs, no console required. They’re in the early stages of development, and there’s no word yet on what sort of...


Mirror’s Edge Runs Onto The iPhone


Mirror’s Edge, which originally appeared on console systems a few years ago, just hit the iPhone.   When the game first arrived it was hotly anticipated since it was an FPS, but focused on free running more than shooting.  The concept was great but in the end the execution, or should...


Southern California Getting Electric Bus Public Transportation


Southern California’s San Gabriel/Pomona area is about to get a whole lot greener, as the Foothill bus company is upgrading their fleet of 12 with three all-electric buses built by the company Proterra, to the tune of a cool 5.6 million dollars. Impressively, they can fully charge in under 10 minutes,...

logitech speakers

Logitech’s Portable Laptop Speakers Boost Your Audio


Logitech’s attempting to upgrade your tinny laptop speakers with two new products, the aptly-named Laptop Speaker Z305 and Wireless Speaker Z515. The Z305 attaches to the top of your display and offers 360-degree audio, connecting via USB. If wires aren’t your thing, the Z515 does 50 feet of wireless audio...

Energizer Qi Wireless Charger

Energizer Debuts Universal Wireless Charging System


It’s taken about a year since announcing the standard, but finally there is a product to represent the Wireless Power Consortium. It’s from the folks at Energizer and much like the Hug and PowerMat products it lets you charge your iPhone or Blackberry without any wires tethered to your device. ...

philips 21:9

Phillips 21:9 Aspect Ratio HDTV Gains 3D Support


Why does Europe get the coolest TVs and we don’t? Phillips new 58-inch Cinema 21:9 Platinum HDTV is no exception. This stunning set boasts 3D support with two pairs of included glasses, LED backlighting, local dimming, and a brushed matte finish. Its 21:9 aspect ratio, while unusual for television, is...

toshiba folio

Toshiba Folio 100 Is Now Official


Here at GadgetReview, we follow the well-worn path of products from rumor, speculation, leaked specs/images, to official announcement. The Toshiba Folio 100 is no exception. Like we’ve written before, it’s the company’s first Android tablet, with the Android 2.2 OS and Flash 10.1 support. It’s also packing a 1024 x...