Sharper Image Debuts Literati E-Reader

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2 Comments to Sharper Image Debuts Literati E-Reader

  1. MeribethFerreira

    I have a Literati that doesnt work because there’s a hue blob and a line that appeared while I weas reading. My number is 607-654-3030. Bet u never call or replace

  2. I recently purchased the Literati, admittedly because I was able to get a brand new one on E-bay for only $68. I love it. I've already purchase some books and the 150 free books are really great classics. Kobo prices tend to be a little less for the ebooks than either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It was a really great purchase for me and I highly recommend it. My only complaint lies in that the buttons are small. I have rheumatoid arthritis and they can be a little hard to press one button at a time. Otherwise it is wonderful!

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