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Rumor: Apple Getting Networks In Line For 99 Cent iTV Rentals


Yesterday, we gave you some more news on the long-rumored next Apple TV (or iTV), and now we’ve got more background info on Apple’s big 99 cent rental strategy. Inside sources from Bloomberg are saying that $99 device will have 99 cent rentals that last 48 hours, and that Apple...


Dell Launches Their First Smartphone, The Dell Aero


Dell has unleashed their first U.S. smartphone, the Aero, into the world. Specs include a 3.5-inch 640 x 360 display, 2GB storage, microSD slot, 5MP camera, and what Dell boasts as a 3.67-ounce weight, the lightest multi-touch Android phone on the market.  Unfortunately, it’s only running Android 1.5, and Dell’s...


Iomega’s USB 3.0 Drives Are Fast & Inexpensive


Consumer adoption of USB 3.0 is forging on full speed ahead, and Iomega’s joined the cause with their new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hard drives. Best of all, the company vows to keep its prices the same as its USB 2.0 line. The high speed goodness starts with the eGo series,...

keycase ipad folio

Keycase iPad Folio Gives You A Bluetooth Keyboard On The Go


The iPad has more cases and stands than I can count, but this new one is a little different. KeyCase iPad Folio’s goes one up on other iPad Cases (and Apple themselves) by integrating a wireless Bluetooth keyboard into the case itself. Just passing FCC approval, the keyboard case keeps...

Toshiba UX600

Rumor: Toshiba To Release Glasses Free 3D Set By Christmas


According to a Japanese report, Toshiba is readying a 3D HDTV for release sometime in the next year, maybe even by Christmas, that would not require glasses to view. (Note: the image above is not that TV, but hey, it’ll probably look similar…just a guess). The technology, called autostereoscopic 3D,...


Say Goodbye To Oven Mitts With The Silicone Oven Shield


There’s a certain category of small gadgets that, while unglamourous, fix some pretty glaring problems in your everyday life that you didn’t really know you had to begin with. The Silicone Oven Shield is one of those gadgets. It’s really, really simple — just install it on the the outer edge...


Canon Unveils 120 Megapixel Camera Sensor


How many megapixels does your camera have? 12? 14? How about 120? Canon has developed the first CMOS sensor that boasts that ridiculous number of pixels, a resolution of 13,280 x 9,184. It can even do 9.5 frames per second shooting for some really interesting series photography, and does HD...

earthquake proof bed

This Earthquake Proof Bed Might Save Your Life

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If you’re a denizen of the West Coast, you know that the chance of a big earthquake is an ever-present risk. That’s why this quake-proof bed is such a cool idea. Designed by a man named Wang Wenxi, the bed has a slide-out board to protect yourself from falling debris,...


Record Your Fall Memories With JVC’s HD Pocket Cams


It looks like all the companies are debuting new HD Pocket Cams (perhaps in anticipation of the new school year?) The latest is the offering from JVC, the Picsio GC-WP10 and GC-FM2. Both have 1080p/30fps HD recording, three-inch touchscreens, SD card slots, HDMI output, and 4x digital zoom. Eye-Fi wireless...