Lacie Rikiki Go 1TB

It would seem that the race for the smallest hard drives is becoming a pissing contest.  In fact, it reminds us of the battle for the world’s tallest building, which can vary depending on how it’s measured (i.e. top floor, highest point, etc).

Now Lacie has once again laid claim to the world’s smallest 1TB hard drive…in a metal case, the Rikiki Go.  It was last year that they made a comparable announcement.  In fact, it was essentially the same drive with the exception that it was just 500GB.  Now Lacie has bumped capacity a two fold and discontinued all the other capacities.  We should probably note that it features a built-in USB 2.0 cord, which is totes convenient when on the go.  It may sound like we’re hating on this drive, but I assure you we’re not.  It’s sexy.


Christen Costa

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