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ps3 mod

PS3 Jailbreak Is Illegal In Australia — More Countries To Follow?


The PS3 Jailbreak saga continues. A federal court in Australia has granted a temporary injunction of sales of the modchip device, which allows the playing of backed-up games off a hard drive, in that country. The modchip is still for sale in other countries, including the US, though it’s currently backordered. Some commentators online...

samsung fascinate

Samsung Fascinate Hits September 9th


UPDATED. BoyGeniusReport has some details on Samsung’s upcoming smartphone releases, which include the Fascinate, expected to arrive on September 9th. If you weren’t aware, the Fascinate  is a Galaxy varient packing a 4-inch AMOLED display, Android 2.1 OS, 5MP camera, and a superfast Hummingbird processor. Samsung’s latest offerings are going...


LG’S LEX8 LED TV Is The Thinnest Ever


LG’s LEX8 is a perfect showcase of the benefits of LED technology — I mean, just look at the thing. It’s just .88cm thick, has a 1.25cm bezel (the thinnest ever), and the requisite 1080p resolution with a 400 Hz motion rate. LG says that its Nano Lighting technology delivers...


Rumor: YouTube To Offer Pay-Per-View Movies


The Financial Times is reporting that Google is in talks with Hollywood studios to launch a global pay-per-view video service by the end of 2010. If it happens, YouTube will transform into a major player in streaming rental movies. People familiar with the talks are saying that Google is pitching...

hp preview

HP CTO Teases Upcoming Phone, Tablet & More On Twitter


HP’s Mark Budgell is either in big trouble or a genius, since his “leaked” photos of HP CTO Phil McKinney holding upcoming devices have been buzzing around the internet. They were posted to Twitter today and show what appear to be (though they’re black out) a phone, tablet, and a...


Urinal/Sink Hybrid Concept


I’m not sure what to think of this urinal/sink hybrid concept, from Yeongwoo Kim. As you can see from the picture above, it lets you both use the bathroom and use a sink in the same receptacle. The sink water also is used to clean the urinal bowl. Sure, there’s...


Ricoh G700 Waterproof Camera


Ricoh’s new G700 waterproof camera is tough. It promises underwater photography at up to 5 meters depth, has added shock resistance — it can survive a 2 meter fall, and is resistant to chemicals like ethanol for risky-area shooting, and operate in weather up to -10 degrees Celsius. It’s other...


Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 GFX Laptop Packs A 1GB External GPU


Fujitsu’s new Lifebook AH530 GFX Laptop is pretty darn powerful, seeing that it has a whopping 1GB external GPU. To be exact, it’s the ATI Mobility Radeon HD550V, which promises great speed for graphic-hungry applications like video-editing suites and Photoshop for a definitely capable mobile workstation. Other specs include a...

zotac zbox

Zotac Releases Zbox Nettops


The Zbox, despite its name, is not the next Microsoft console, but a series of nettops from Zotac which aim to be affordable but also decently powerful (for a nettop). In an attractive case, the Zbox houses Intel Celeron CPUs, with the NS21 and ND22 HD series getting the Celeron...


Toshiba’s SmartPad Is Now The Folio 100, Specs Leak


Toshiba’s SmartPad finally has more than speculation to it, as official specs for the tablet have now leaked from NotebookItalia, the same guys who had pictures of the device’s plentiful ports. It’s now called the Folio 100, has a 1024 x 600 WSVGA touchscreen display, runs Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’, has...