Daily Archives: August 25, 2010


iPADock: One iPad Dock To Rule Them All


It’s not entirely clear how many Apple products can be docked at once with the iPADock, but from where we stand this appears to be the most robust dock of them all.  It at least has room for two iPads and two iPhone or iPods, whatever your fancy.  To charge...

Google Voice Calls

Google Hits The Go Button On Free US Domestic Calls


Well, you can put another nail in Vonage’s coffin.  Today, Google announced Google Voice calls directly from Gmail.  The best part you ask?  Domestic calls in the US are completely free, yes free.  International calls to a landline will cost you less than mobile calls, but that’s par for the...

amazon kindle

New Kindle Fastest-Selling Ever, Shipping Two Days Early


The third generation Amazon Kindle isn’t even out yet, but it’s already become the biggest-selling Kindle ever, boasts Amazon in a new PR. It’s also been the website’s #1 best seller for two years running. To celebrate, the company is shipping orders a full two days early, so you can...


The Kinect Accessories Begin With PDP’s Mounts


Like every other game console/peripheral, the Kinect now has its first accessories, and I’m sure there are more down the pipeline. PDP is bringing a Microsoft-approved wall mount, floor mount, and TV stand to help keep your Kinect upright in whatever way you want. Pricing is as follows: the wall...


Logitech’s Z623 Speakers Are THX Certified


Logitech has a sizable history of 2.1 PC speaker setups, so their new Z623 should be par for the course, in a good way. You’re getting 200 watts (RMS) of power through two satellite speakers and a subwoofer, with the obligatory 3.5mm jack for laptops, as well as a headphone...