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Apple’s September 1st Event To Be Music Focused


Today’s earlier post about Apple’s upcoming press conference was a week off (that’s why we call them rumors, folks, even if they’re from a source like Bloomberg). No, today it was officially annoucned that next Wednesday, September 1st will be the date, and it will be focused on music. That...


Power Outlet Concept Ditches Three Prongs For USB Ports


In today’s day and age, our gadgets are increasingly being powered via cables other than standard power, primarily USB. Anyone that’s running low on iPhone power without a USB port or Apple charger in sight knows how frustrating it can be. That’s where new design ingenuity comes in. A new...


Garmin Launches Recall Of 1.25 Million GPS Units

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Garmin’s line of GPS receivers are best-sellers, so quite a few people could be affected be news of safety recall they announced today. 1.25 million nuvi units suffer from an overheating issue that could be a potential fire hazard — these include the nuvi 200W, 250W,260W, and 7xx models, and the issue...


Airbag Safety Vest For Equestrians


Horseback Riding riding can be an exhilarating activity, and horses are majestic creatures, but never forget you’re dealing with a huge animal that could easily kill you if it feels like. Now, two companies are trying to increase the safety factor for the equestrian Eventing sport a little bit with...

Tapi Water Fountain

Tapi Makes Any Kitchen Faucet A Water Fountain


We don’t know why, but for some reason kids and child men like to drink directly from the faucet.  Perhaps it’s some sort of primal instinct or because the water tastes all that much crisper. If you’re sick of seeing your kid (or husband) with his head in the sink,...


iBottleopener: iPhone Case Bottle Opener (video)


Consider this scenario: your bottle opener t-shirt is in the wash and not one a bottle opener can be found.  What do you do?  Simple, you reach for your iPhone.  Say what?  The iBottleopener iPhone case effectively turns your iPhone 3G or 3Gs into a bottle opener.  It’s not complicated,...

Light Up Darth Vader T-Shirt

Light Up Darth Vader T-Shirt


As we all know there is no limit to Star Wars gear.  With that said there is no reason to overlook the Darth Vader Chest Light Up Shirt.  It’s essentially a t-shirt with an electronic chest plate that lights up to give you the most geek cred of all the...