Daily Archives: August 23, 2010

Flame Thrower Trombone

Trombone Flame Thrower (video)


What’s the perfect complement to the Jet Powered School Bus?  The Pyro’s Flamethrower Tromobone, but of course.  It’s definitely a a pair of singed eye brows waiting to happen. The device was crafted by Jonathon Crawford, who posted a video of his creation on YouTube. He’s outfitted it with some...


Toshiba’s SmartPad Has All The Ports The iPad Doesn’t


Toshiba’s upcoming SmartPad tablet, like many others, is basing its marketing strategy on what it does do that Apple’s iPad doesn’t. In this case, that’s offering a bevy of ports to view your digital media, and images of the device have been scooped by NotebookItalia that show those ports for...

Kodak PlayTouch

Kodak Playtouch HD Camcorder


New week, new pocket camcorders! Kodak’s Playtouch HD Camcorder does stabilized 1080p video with full stereo audio. It’s other specs are pretty standard for the pocketcam category, but Kodak’s image quality for these things (as evidenced by the Zi8) is top-notch. There’s a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen for basic video editing...


Fully Working LEGO Car


We love all things LEGO here at GadgetReview, so we had to post this LEGO car. Sure, it isn’t actually made out of the tiny plastic bricks — that car would probably fall apart the second it hit a curb — but it does look the part. It was constructed...


Read All Night With The Kindle Lighted Leather Case


Amazon’s third generation Kindle is about to arrive, and while it has a host of improvements over its predecessors, there’s still one issue: the e-ink display doesn’t have backlighting. The solution, it seems, would come from an old-fashioned booklight. Amazon is selling their own Kindle Lighted Leather Case, which is...


Custom Iron Man Xbox Lights Up (video)


As evidenced by Iron Man 2‘s box office, Iron Man is a pretty darn popular character. So this custom Iron Man Xbox 360, created by modder Zachariah Perry Cruse, should sell for a nice price on eBay, where it’s currently up for auction. It has blue LEDs that light up to...