Daily Archives: August 22, 2010

Retina Display Faked-1

Unidentified WebOS Device Has Retina Display Resolution


We’ve got some rather intriguing information about what could be either HP’s webOS tablet, or an upcoming smartphone, that matches the quality of the iPhone 4 Retina Display. WebOS 2.0 is the hotly anticipated upgrade to Palm’s mobile OS, and it might’ve been outed through a game, of all things....


Sonnet Mounts The Mac Mini Behind Your Monitor


Apple’s Mac Mini is one of the smallest, most well-designed mini-desktops out there , taking up a small amount of space on ones desk. Now, that space might not even matter, as Sonnet has a devised a mounting system that puts the Mini behind the monitor it’s hooked up to....


This Stylish Bike Fits Inside A Briefcase


Collapsible bikes are nothing new, but I haven’t seen one as slick and stylish as this. The “International Bike,” a limited edition racing bike created for Wallpaper, was designed by Kinfolk & Coat. It’s stored in a very nice looking leather bag designed by┬áNivaldo de Lima. There’s also one called...


Stabilize Your Pocket Camcorder With The ReadySteady


HD Pocket Camcorders are great inventions, offering high-def video in a device that fits, fittingly, in your pocket. But sometimes you need a better image than the shakiness that comes from holding the camera with your hands. That’s where the ReadySteady comes in, offering a wide variety of mounting options...


The PR2 Robot Now Does Laundry (video)


Last time we saw the PR2 robot, it was fetching beer and playing pool. But while its latest act is a little less fun, it’s more practical — folding socks. After Willow Garage sponsored a competition for the robot to be shown on video doing “impressive things,” one group at...