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The FleshDrive Brings You Adult Entertainment On The Go


Finally, a marriage of two of the biggest industries out there, the tech industry and the adult one, has arrived with the FleshDrive. The FleshDrive is a USB drive preloaded with 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB of adult entertainment videos, starting at just $39.95. Their website, which I won’t be linking...

Nexus One

Google Sells Out Of Nexus Ones For Developers


Alhough Google closed up their consumer Nexus One shop about a month ago, they were still selling their first Android phone to developers wanting an unlocked version of the phone. But those days are gone, as unexpected demand has left the company totally sold out of the flagship smartphone, looking...


The Wee Wee Aim Ball Is Aptly Named


Yes, as a tech blogger I am somewhat in disbelief that I just wrote the phrase “Wee Wee Aim Ball,” (there I go again!) but hey, it’s Friday. This thing can be used to entertain inebriated men while making the bathroom less of a mess — remember to aim straight...


Phasma Six-Legged Robot Is Both Cool & Terrifying (video)


The Phasma hexapedal running robot is something that I do no want to see scampering down my hallway at night. That being said, it’s an engineering marvel. Built by Takram Design Engineering, it uses its springy six legs to scuttle about just like an insect. It’s currently on display at the...


Purifan Air Purifier Keeps Your Air Clean Through The Ceiling Fan

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There’s nothing better than inhaling some nice clean air (okay, maybe some things, but roll with me here). That’s why the Purifan is a really interesting design — for one, the blades are enclosed, but still circulate 2,000 cubit feet of air every minute, and there’s lights on it too....


This BRD 06 F1 Simulator Is The Ultimate Racing Game


The BRD 06  is pretty much the ultimate racing simulator ever — it’s a full-size F1 replica made out of  fiberglass and carbon fiber composite monocoque chassis. Three 24″ screens provide the immersive video, and there’s a carbon fiber steering wheel that works with a Pro-ST powerful force-feedback system that...


This Pico Projector Concept Is Cute Overload


This Pico Projector Concept, from designer René Woo-Ram Lee, is the best-looking gadget we’ve seen in awhile. It’s both cute and incredibly functional — one “eye” is the camera, the other the projector, and a full size display that takes up all of the back. And the smile that makes...

google tv

Google TV + Dish Network Demoed (video)

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Okay, we still stand by this week’s post about Google’s Google TV troubles, but that doesn’t mean the software itself isn’t going to be good. Google has proven they’re pretty good on that front in the past. Case in point is a new video showing off Google TV integrated into...