Daily Archives: August 19, 2010


Sanyo Introduces Their First 1080P Pocket Cam


Sanyo has entered the pocket camcorder business, and their VPC-PD2BK looks like a nice quality for the price and good competition against the Flip Ultra HD. This pocket camcorder has stereo mics, a 2-inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, 10MP still images, a flash, SD card support, and HDMI out, which...


Google Updates Gmail iPad Interface (Again)


Checking e-mail on the iPad & iPhone is great — there’s nothing better than tapping a bunch of spam and deleting it in seconds. But there is still room for improvement. Why is why it’s good to hear that Google’s updated the Gmail for iPad interface (for a second time)...

blackberry tablet

BlackPad Tablet To Use Custom OS, Not BlackBerry OS 6?


Well this is a little odd. New reports from Bloomberg say that BlackBerry’s upcoming tablet, which is still pretty shrouded in mystery (despite its $200 million development cost) might be called the ‘Blackpad’, and might not be using the company’s new BlackBerry OS 6 after all. Instead, it would use...


Colorware Colorizes Flip Ultra HD & BlackBerry Pearl 3G


Colorware is on a mission to paint every popular gadget in whatever color its users desire, and they’ve now added the Flip Ultra HD & BlackBerry Pearl 3G to their roster. For $165, you’ll get a paint job for the Pearl 3G or $640 to get a new phone with...


Rumor: Next PSP To Have Touch Controls On Its Back?


Sony’s still pimping the original PSP in commercials, despite it being half a decade old, so it seems like a successor should be coming soon. We thought it might’ve been announced at E3, but that didn’t happen. So we were surprised to hear that at this year’s Gamescom Conference in...


Shuttle’s XS35 Nettop Now Shipping


Shuttle’s just released XS35 netttop is slim, affordable, and powerful — pretty much all you could want in a HTPC these days. It comes in three configurations — the base specs for each include a dual-core 1.66GHz Atom D510 CPU, WiFi, 5 USB 2.0 inputs, and a 4-in-1 media card reader. The...


Say Goodbye To Summer In Style With The Sharkboat


Summer’s almost over, so you better get out to the beach while you still can, and you better do it in the sharkboat. This submersible is up high on my list of “awesome.” Okay, so it’s actually not called the sharkboat, but it’s real name, the Seabreacher X,  is still...

nokia n9

Nokia’s Apple-Esque N9 Smartphone Leaked


We haven’t had a phone leak in a little while, so it’s nice to see Nokia’s upcoming N9 smartphone in the wild. A source in China has taken photos of a prototype of the QWERTY-slider phone, which was manufactured in Finland. Other details are scarce, but it’s intended for release...

samsung s2

Samsung S2 Portable Drive Has Super Fast USB 3.0 Speeds


Portable hard drives are incredibly useful, but they’ve always had to take a slight speed hit for the sake having no power cord — until now. Samsung’s new S2 Portable 3.0 has both USB 3.0 and a 7200rpm drive speed, making it the fastest portable drive you can get, giving...