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wii tablet

The Wii Gets A Digital Drawing Tablet In The uDraw


THQ’s uDraw Gaming Tablet is one of the more interesting game accessories we’ve seen. First of all, it’s on the Wii, and doesn’t have much to do with motion controls, even though the controller rests within it. The four by six inch tablet is coming bundled with a game called...

iPhone 4

Apple Tests Proximity Payment System For Next iPhone


TechCrunch is reporting on Apple’s testing of wireless payment systems today. If you’re unaware of what NFC (near field communication) is, it’s pretty cool — it allows for credit/debit transactions to happen wirelessly using short range transmission. They’re using prototype iPhones to do the tests, which, if they go will,...


Fujifilm’s W3 Pocket Camera Shoots HD 3D Video


Fujifilm’s new Real 3D W3 camera looks like a great successor to 2009’s W1. The pocket camera’s biggest new feature is the ¬†resolution bump — this camera shoots 720p 3D video in the¬†3D-AVI format, which you can watch on you 3D TV with shutter glasses using the built-in mini-HDMI output....


160GB PS3 Slim Confirmed, 320GB Move Bundle On The Way


Well, the rumors were true — confirmed and shipping in less than a day! A 160GB version of the PS3 Slim is shipping now for $299.99. More interestingly, a PlayStation Move bundle will hit American shores for $399.99 on September 14th. That includes a 320GB console, Move controller, PlayStation Eye,...

lost apple II

LOST’s Swan Station Vintage Apple II Up For Auction


Attention, LOST & Apple fanboys — the Apple II used in the show is now up for auction, and basically the apex of nerd-dom if you’re a fan of both. Part of a huge auction sale of the show’s props, the Apple II was used to input “The Numbers” every...

sony ultimate headset

Sony’s DR-GA500 Headset Is For The Gaming Elite


Sony’s new DR-GA500 headset is intended to give you the battlefield advantage during online gaming through some fancy 7.1-channel sound. It even comes with an external sound processor to make sure you know just exactly where a guy is creeping up on you. The headset has a mic for team...

collapsible lantern

This Solar Charged Lantern Collapses


Designer Jesper Johnsson’s Solar Charged Collapsible Lantern is the perfect option for a light source while outdoors, whether camping or just out on the back porch. It stays collapsed during the day as it collects power via its solar panel. Then, at night, you can expand it and get some...


Gamestop Leaks Announcement Of 160GB PS3 Slim?


It looks like Sony’s got another edition of the PS3 Slim about to hit the pipeline, as both Newegg and Gamestop have posted listings (since removed on Gamestop, still up at Newegg) of a 160GB version of the PS3 Slim that could be hitting stores as soon as this month....


7-Inch iPad Rumors Gets New Fuel With Production Info


Last week, we reported on rumors of an upcoming 7-inch iPad, and today we have new production rumors for the alleged device. According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, the Chi Mei company & LG will be supplying the 7-inch displays for the device (those will have a higher pixel density...


B&N Updates Nook Apps For iPhone & iPad, PC

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Barnes & Noble has updated their Nook apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, PC and iPad today, including a new “rating” feature that lets you give high or low marks to e-books for sale in the store. The app has been updated to best take advantage of the iPhone 4’s Retina Display,...