Daily Archives: August 16, 2010

star wars

Star Wars Saga Coming To Blu-Ray Fall 2011


The Complete Star Wars Saga is coming to Blu-ray, announced George Lucas at this year’s Star Wars Celebration V. Notice I didn’t say Star Wars Trilogy — no folks, you’ll be getting all six films in this set (even the ones you don’t really want, since no plans for individual...


Toshiba’s Libretto Dual-Screen Tablet Now Available


Back in June we brought you news about Toshiba’s special Libretto tablet, which was a concept that featured a two seven-inch touchscreen design. Well, now that tablet is available with a limited supply for only $1,099.99. Dubbed the W105-L251, specs for the tablet include a Pentium U5400 processor, integrated Intel...

glass bottomed

Don’t Look Down In The World’s First Glass-Bottomed Air Balloon


Bringing to mind the final scene from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, this glass-bottomed air balloon isn’t an elevator, but you can still up get pretty darn high in it. And it’s pretty awesome/terrifying, depending on your thrill level — even its inventor Christian Brown thinks its scary. It’ll be...

macbook air project

This Apple Keyboard Has A MacBook Air Inside Of it


They’ve been sticking computers into monitors for a few years now, and now it looks like keyboards are the next frontier. Following in the steps of the ASUS Eee Keyboard, a modder has taken the guts of a MacBook Air and placed them within an Apple Keyboard, even carving out...


Behold, The Portable Dreamcast (video)


It’s hard to believe that the Sega Dreamcast is ten years old, but it still stands strong as a great console. So it’s cool to see this Dreamcast Portable, made by modder Techknott. Using a PSone LCD display, the portable has a┬áCD drive, VMU slot (and built-in VMU), SD card...