Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Special Editions Announced


The Prestige Edition of Call Of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most insane game bonuses we’ve seen yet — perhaps topping the night vision goggles included within last year’s Modern Warfare 2 limited edition. Why?┬áBecause includes a remote controlled “video surveillance” vehicle. It’s based on the RC-XD vehicle...


Apple Removes Camera+ App After Hidden Feature Is Unveiled


Oh, Apple. You just don’t like people doing things with your products that you don’t approve of. The latest culprit is TapTapTap’s Camera+ app, which had been doing just fine in the App Store until the developers tweeted about a hidden feature. By going to a specific URL in Safari,...


Report: Touchscreen Smudges Could Easily Reveal Passwords


With pretty much everyone having a touchscreen phone nowadays that has tons of personal information on it, security is a necessity. But according to new reports at the University of Pennsylvania, common security tools for the iPhone and Android phones aren’t very safe at all. Residual smudges left after either...


Ordro HDV-D350S Camcorder Includes A Removable Projector


Ordro’s HDV-D350S camcorder has a leg up on the competition for viewing your home videos — it features a removable projector that has a WVGA resolution at 15 lumens brightness. The camcorder itself does 1080p recording, 10x optical zoom, features a 3-inch touchscreen LCD, SD card slot, and more. It’ll...


Bioshock: Infinite Announced (video)


Slow news day, but this news should excite the gamers in our audience. The third installment of the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite, was announced today. Instead of the subterranean city of Rapture featured in the first two games, Infinite takes place in a city above the sky called Columbia. The...